Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sincerely hoping nobody paid any attention to my exhortations to go to the N4tional 4rts Club last night for a poetry reading -- there was no poetry reading. Did I say there was one? Did I read it on the flier for the event and in several emails sent by the curator? Maybe. Wait. Not maybe. Yes. I did.

Oh well, things change! For example, yesterday this time I would have said the curator was doing something interesting, and that the show might be entertaining. Today, having heard the curator trash talk poetry -- not just the entire genre, but the poems up in her own show -- I would have to say something else.

The lovely Ms. Kn0x kept her aplomb and bought me a scotch, and I talked to several charming people. It was one of those events where the only appropriate response was to laugh.

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