Monday, January 29, 2007

Internet down over the weekend -- we remembered the rules to Go Fish, went skating, rescreened VM 3x09.

Tim Foil has both incoherent-making rage and knowledge of the perfect murder papers -- plus he may or may not know that his leverage over Landry has just been erased. Also -- pause the image and check out his creepy rape-case corkboard. It's not about the rape case, it's about his g/f Bonnie. Bonnie's a wild card, but may well have been sleeping with Dean O'Dell, in which case the revenge angle would point to Tim, whom we know deflects suspicion well.

Prof. Landry and Mrs. O'Dell need to be interrogated about Cyrus's visit to their chambers at the Neptune Grand, but how's that fact going to come out.

I don't suspect the unnamed bookie who leaned on O'Dell to reverse the Greek ban, but I want to hear more about that angle. And while the Lilith House women might seem to have a motive, and furthermore symbolically attacked O'Dell twice the day of his murder... well, it's no farther out in left field than Dick's little brother becoming an explosives expert.

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